just girly things: reading gay fanfiction instead of talking to boys

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when there’s a fire, don’t forget to stop, drop and pop it, lock it, polka dot it, country-fy it and hip-hop it

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im a wimp when it comes to waxing my legs so i figured out a way to do it.

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“Now I want you to raise your hand if music has ever saved your life.” -Vic Fuentes of Pierce The Veil. November 14,2012. Nearly every person raised their hands.

I was crying so hard during this part, wow.

^ me too


I remember when I saw them in Manchester and he asked this question, everyone in the crowd raised their hand including Jaime, Tony and Mike, Vic even raised his hand, one of the security guards did as well and it was an amazingly beautiful moment!

At Spring Fever in Monmouth, New Jersey, Jack Barakat was watching from the side and raised his hand so high after hearing Vic ask this question

sobs forever at the comments

These men are amazing.

Music is amazing

band/tattoo blog 

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